Marvel Voices: "Man of His Dreams"

Written by Steve Orlando
Art by Claudia Aguirre
Somnus Character Design by Luciano Vecchio

"MARVEL’S VOICES: PRIDE is here!" exclaimed Steve Orlando. "And with it, a chapter of Daken's early life we've never seen before. And why not? He's kept that one night with Somnus a secret since it went down! But the Krakoan Era makes him rethink that night, and Daken realizes there's little point in utopia if we can't pay it forward. This is that story, a bow to the past and an eye to the future. A grateful acknowledgment of just how far we've come as a community, as well as the fact that we've got more work to do. With Daken and Somnus at our side, let's explore a story that celebrates our strides, and tackles the challenges to come."