Comics: Mavi

Co-written and Co-Illustrated alongside Eva Cabrera, for Boudika Comics.

Publisher: Boudika Comics
Copyright: 2015
Language: English
Page Count: 230
Page Dimensions: 6.1″ x 9.2″
Cover: Soft Cover
Available for sale at Boudika Comics

In a distant world, full of magic, a wise Queen ruled over the Kingdom of Egarat with love and kindness. But, after the birth of her successor, she slowly descended into darkness, due to greed and desire.

A dangerous game ensued, setting both of them on a perilous path and a chase through the ages.

Mavi is a story of love and vengeance, where magical elements and dark fantasy make up an intriguing plot about the dangers of obsession and the need for courage in desperate times.

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